Reach puts a date to its release on Xbox One and PC


A long time ago that Microsoft he announced his intention of bringing the entire saga Halo to PC format remastered. In addition to this, it was made public that Halo: Reach it would be added to the The Master Chief Collection, thus leading not only to PC but also to Xbox One. Now, after months of details about this remastering, Microsoft finally decided the date to the launch of Halo: Reach both Xbox One as in PC.

As it has been made public, Halo: Reach you will land in Xbox One as part of an add-on to the The Master Chief Collection and in PC (through both of the shop Microsoft for Windows 10 as through Steam) the next day, 3 December. This new version includes improvements in the technical section as compatibility with a resolution of up to 4K. You can see the trailer which has been used to uncover this release date below.


We remind you that, as was made public months ago, the launch of The Master Chief Collection in PC will not be hit, but the different deliveries of Halo will be appearing on PC as they are readystarting with Halo: Reach (which also binds to the version of Xbox One of the video game). For the moment, the rest of installments of the franchise do not have a defined date PC.