The action and adrenaline of CrossfireX is shown in a new trailer


CrossfireX had a few minutes of role in the event XO19, where the developers most well-known are presented with new information and details of their upcoming titles. The video game developed by Smilegate and that will arrive next year under the seal of Xbox Game Studios as was seen in the E3 2019 and on this occasion again to reveal all your action and adrenaline in a awesome trailer.

This game will provide an experience of the first person, in which you’ll be immersed in a global conflict, where two of the factions, private military world’s most dangerous face to supremacy of the planet. Among them we find Global Risk who integrates multiple veterans of the armed forces and who have at their disposal the most advanced technologies, all this to fight for order and security. On the other hand, we have Black List, in which a large number of mercenaries that have been trained with guerrilla tactics and looking to unsettle the oppressive regimes.

Choose your side is in your hand and on it falls the fight for a completely different target. In the new trailer, which you can find inside of this news we can see some of the modalities that can be enjoyed in this title. Also introduced several of the scenarios in that fight, including a castle, a ruin or an abandoned city.

CrossfireX will come next year Xbox One.