The Artful Escape reappears with new trailer and launch window


More than two years ago that was announced to the world The Artful Escapea work of independent court that could draw the attention of thousands of fans thanks to a section of artistic spectacular that is combined with a soundtrack that promises to play a very important role in the work. During all of these months, however, the silence had taken over the project and this had been falling gradually into oblivion. But today, The Artful Escape has reappeared with a new trailer.

It has been in the Inside Xbox with reason X019 where the editor Annapurna has ceased to see The Artful Escape with a new gameplay trailer which again demonstrates the artistic quality of this work. “On the eve of his first performance, Francis Vendetti struggle with the legacy of a legend dead folk and the wanderings cosmic of your own imagination. Francis, a guitar prodigy teenager, he launches on a journey multi-dimensional and psychedelic for inspiration in his performance“reads the description of the video game.

While The Artful Escape still without a release date, it has been specified that will land on Xbox One and PC at some point over the next year to 2020. Below you can see the new trailer that has been shown by yourselves.