The Corrupted Update for Dead Cells already available in the version of gaming consoles


A few days ago Motion Twin updated its highly-acclaimed roguelike, Dead Cells, including a new biome, mutations and a new rune in the version of PC of the work through the Corrupted Update. Now, the company has made available to the public that is now available this update in the versions of the game PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

It has been through their networks as the study Motion Twin it has been confirmed that the Corrupted Update is already available on the console versions of Dead Cells. Through this update includes another biome: Confinement Corrupt. This new map, designed to challenge players more skilled of the title since, in the beginning, there will be a treasure Chest Corrupt. In addition, we added a new item called ‘Fragment of Parchment‘which will, when you find three, the player receives a Parchment that gives you the better of the three skills (Tactical, Brutality and Survival).


Also, we have the Pipes Recycling, which are a series of pipes that, at the beginning of each round, we will offer a set of five objects between weapons and skills– to make each new run a crossing of “less tedious”. Simultaneously, it has added an element called Instinct Browser, through which users will be able to view the contents of the map before exploring it to prevent access to areas that do not have rewards interesting.

On the other hand, are added three new mutations of court Tactical, which are:

  • Thistles: Enables the player to place up to nine caltrops on the ground to damage and slow down enemies.
  • Tactical retreat: Dodge at the right time to slow down to nearby enemies, preventing them to inflict Evil.
  • Networks– Connects to all the enemies that have projectile hosted by share the damage received between all.