The Messenger is already available for free on the Epic Games Store; Bad North will be the following


One more week, Epic Games keeping its promise of giving regular video games completely free of charge and for always the users of their platform, Epic Games Store. During the last week were given away RUINER and Nuclear Throneand, since today and for a whole week we will have the chance to get us without any cost with the acclaimed The Messenger.

Along with this, it has been made public the video game that Epic will give away to users of its platform in the coming week. From next Thursday 21 November, at which time The Messenger will made payment, we can get for free with the recent proposal of strategy Bad North. You can find below a travel trailer and description of both the game that is given currently as the that will be offered next week.

Available this week

The Messenger

When an army of demons lay siege to his village, a young ninja will adventure through a world cursed with the order to deliver a scroll essential for the survival of their clan. What starts out as a classic game of platforms and action, soon turns into an adventure with time travel and full of emotion, surprises, and humor.

Available next week

Bad North

Bad North is a roguelite real-time tactical charming but brutal. Defend your idyllic kingdom island against a horde of invading vikings, while you lead the desperate exodus of your people. Command your loyal subjects to take advantage of the tactical advantage of the geographical each island. You’re playing all: if you fail, the blood of your subjects will stain the earth red.