Guide Pokémon Sword and Shield: types, weaknesses and strengths


Type of pokémon Strong against Weak against Resistant Vulnerable to Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Steel, Water, Fire, Electric Steel, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Normal, Plant, Psychic, Rock, Poison, Flying Fire, Fighting, Ground Water Fire, Rock, Earth Water, Dragon, Plant Steel, Water, Fire, Ice Electrical, Plant Bug Plant, Psychic, Sinister Steel, Ghost, Fire, Fairy, Fighting, Poison, Flying Fighting, Ground, Earth Fire, Rock, Flying Dragon Dragon Steel Water, Fire, Electric, Plant Dragon, Fairy, Ice Electric Water, Flying Dragon, Electric, Plant, Earth Steel, Electric, Flying Earth Ghost Ghost, Psychic Sinister Bug, Poison Phantom, Sinister Fire Steel, Bug, Ice, Plant Water, Dragon, Fire, Rock Steel, Bug, Fire, Fairy, Ice, Plant Water, Rock, Earth Fairy Dragon, Fight, Sinister Steel, Fire, Poison Bug, Dragon, Fight, Sinister Steel, Poison Ice Dragon, Ground, Land, Flying Steel, Water, Fire, Ice Ice Steel, Fire, Fighting, Rock Fight Steel, Ice, Normal, Rock, Sinister Bug, Fairy, Psychic, Flying, Poison Bug, Rock, Sinister Fairy, Psychic, Flying Normal None Steel, Ghost, Rock Ghost Fire Plant Water, Rock, Earth Steel, Bug, Dragon, Fire, Ground, Poison, Flying Water, Electric, Plant, Earth, Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying Psychic Fire, Poison Steel, Psychic Fighting, Psychic Bug, Ghost, Grim Rock Bug, Fire, Ice, Flying Steel, Fighting, Ground Fire, Normal, Poison, Flying Steel, Water, Fighting, Ground, earth Sinister Ghost, Psychic Fairy, Fight, Sinister Phantom, Sinister Bug, Fairy, Fighting Earth Steel, Electric, Fire, Rock, Poison Bug, Plant Electric, Rock, Poison Water, Ice, Plant Poison Fairy, Plant Steel, Ghost, Rock, Ground, Poison Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Plant, Poison Psychic, Ground Flying Bug, Fighting, Plant Steel, Electric, Rock Bug, Fighting, Plant, Ground Electric, Ice, Rock

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