Epic Games bought Quixela. Such areas such even not Hollywood


This could be a breakthrough creating complex worlds for games and films. Quixel was acquired by Epic Games, then together began sharing an impressive library of images for free!

Not betrayed, if Epic Games paid, but it is known that the Swedish company has to maintain its headquarters and from six other countries branches, 100 employees Quixela will join the development team.

From the revolt Quixel in 2011. employees travel around the world and view the scenery. These pictures create a texture so realistic that they have a chance to change the face of gaming and movies. Now this goal has become closer to realization, because a small company was bought by Epic Games.

Journey to better quality

Start-up created a library of resources fotogrametrycznych in 2D and 3D, which Bridge and Mixer you can freely use to display the reality of very high resolution with a relatively small circulation. The method used to create games such as “Metro Exodus“and “Battlefield V“and movies” the Jungle Book”, “Black Panther” and the remake of “King Lion”.

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Creator of many games, including “Fortnite“and one of the most advanced engines for creating games “Unreal Engine” – Epic Games – decided to buy Quixel and to provide 10 thousand. still paid scan of the area for users of the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Thank you Epic Games the increase of the library Megascans and simultaneous improvement in its cooperation with other programs for 3D visualization, will be much easier.

Will be part of the Epic allows us to surrender, therefore, of which I never dreamed. Quixel will remain, our people will remain – a fundamental difference to be that thanks to the incredible generosity of Epic Games, we will be able to do much more for our community of artists.

writes on the website Quixelfounder, Teddy Bergsman Lind.

The policy change may lead to increased interest and more rapid development of the technology that will change the world of games and movies.

Create photorealistic 3D content is expensive to create games or movies.
Thanks to the cooperation with Quixel and give to Megascans became free for anyone to use in Unreal Engine, this level of artistry will be now available for all, from the triple studios to independent.

said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games.

The degree of precision that makes the distinction whether the picture is real or computer-generated is practically impossible.

Source: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/unreal-engine-4-24-to-ship-with-free-quixel-megascans-unreal-studio-features-and-more

Thanks to the generous financial support of Epic, we are reducing the price of Megascans, offering almost two times more content for download, and removing the restriction on the permission for all, regardless of what engine DCC or renderer you prefer and which at the moment is trust. We also give a refund for the remaining subscription period to jump directly to one of our latest plans. So if you have an active subscription, please login to find out how to obtain a refund.

according to Quixel