Xiaomi Has Launched a Sophisticated Urban Electric Scooter


It is well-known that it is not very convenient to travel by public transport in cities, as it is usually crowded. All this is complemented by traffic jams and other problems regularly encountered by passengers. Taxi trips are too expensive for most people, but now with all of this situation, there is quite a real way out. Today, on November 24, 2019, Xiaomi has offered it to everyone, who has launched a sophisticated urban electric H1 scooter with a 30 km margin. It is so compact that you can take it with you to a store, mall, cafe or anywhere. It is a model-transformer, and it is included in the HIMO line. The device is designed to move the streets of cities at a safe speed.

Given that the average speed of the pedestrian is 5 km / h, the new electric scooter will allow you to reach the target almost four times faster, as it is able to accelerate to a speed of 18 km / h, and a maximum range of up to 30 km. This should be enough for traveling around the city, such as to a shop or work. The motor power is 180 watts. Due to the possibility of easy assembly, such a vehicle is easy to store and carry, because in the folded state its dimensions are only 230 x 450 mm, and in the folded they increase to 955 x 485 mm, that is, to a much greater value. To make the device more interesting, the manufacturer put on the frame of the electric scooter Transformer image.

There is a small display on the front of the scooter, based on the electric motor, and displays current speed, battery levels, and other information. The user is offered an electronically controlled braking system with recovery support to conserve energy and fill it. Not without the bright LED, which serves as a headlamp in the dark. To prevent the driver of such a vehicle from standing all the time, the creators of the Xiaomi electric scooter installed a seat in it. According to the manufacturer, the full charge of a novelty called Xiaomi HIMO H1 takes 4 – 6 hours, and it is made from a special charger. You do not need to purchase this separately, as it is included in the delivery.

The novelty is already available for purchase on the official Xiaomi website, where anyone can buy it in blue, yellow and gray. The official recommended price of such a vehicle, which is transported by electricity, is $410. Many or almost everyone has to decide for themselves, but if to travel on such transport every day for all their business, it has to pay off quickly. The main thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the pavement should be as high as possible, since the scooter has very small wheels, and therefore all the irregularities and bumps will feel good.