Star Wars To Jedi: The Fallen Order


Nova actualizao j is available.

The Respawn Entertainment have unveiled a new actualizao for Star Wars to Jedi: the Fallen Order, by which it fixes two of the most problemticos the bugs reported by the community.

Second, as revealed by The Respawn on redditthe two bugs that a few players were, and they were so forados a restart, all good things, they have now been resolved.

From now on, you can travel to Dathomir without any worries in the sequncia, in the Firefight at the power suffered a shock-freezing, which locks up all the time.

The Respawn fix with the possibility of passing by a certain area of Dathomir, without the double-jump, and that was to leave a couple of players that are blocked when you had a save before the end of this thread.

In addition, talking with the DB-1 in a Firefight on board the AT-AT AT AT AT AT at a result in a game crash and unable to move forward.

Star Wars to Jedi: the Fallen Order and has received a variety of other correces, so that the players go through unexpected difficulties in their experience and in this way to the Respawn area and improves the overall quality of your game.

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