The Blair Witch has arrived today, PS4


And you have a discount for subscribers to PS Plus.

The Blair Witch, a adaptao to the video game of the movie, the Blair Witch Project in 1999, and today has come the PS4.

After a lanamento the home PC, and Xbox One in October, and the players are on the PS4 you can now find out in this game of terror psicolgico. The Blair Witch the cost at the moment is €29,99 in the PS Storebut there is a discount for subscribers of PS Plus.

With the discount, PS Plus, and Blair Witch is €23,99 instead of $ 29,99 ( a discount of £ 5). The game will have 13 GB free, not less than in order to be installed. If you would like to know, there are legends in france.

It is the preview of lanamento and sinpse:

In the year 1996. A young boy goes missing in the Forest, the Black Hills near Burkittsville, in the u.s. state of Maryland. You interpret Ellis, an ex-cop with a troubled past, who is taking part in the hunt in the forest. That is approximately how a simple investigao it soon becomes a nightmare without an end, you have to face your fears, and the Witch of Blair, in a manner mysterious, that haunts the woods,…

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