99-Year-Old McDonald’s Tries for the First Time: His Reaction Is Terrific


A 99-year-old senior from Britain has eaten for the first time in his life at McDonald’s. He not only tested the Big Mac but also tasted the food of other big fast-food chains. His reactions speak volumes.

William Thorpe is a 99-year-old male from a nursing home in Sough, near Berkshire (United Kingdom). The special thing about him: The man has never eaten at McDonald’s in his life – until now. We show you his reactions and how it came about.

Nursing home sets up Wunschbaum – Fast food should be made

The pensioner’s nursing home set up a wish tree for all residents. Then William Thorpe and his 80-year-old girlfriend Ann Sadler-Smith had an idea: they wanted to try out the range of the best fast-food restaurants again. As a result, the two received food from McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s, Burger King, Greggs, and Krispy Kreme.