Fortnite 11.30: All the Updates of the Update

Epic Games

After some uncertainty, the Fortnite 11.30 update finally arrives. Epic Games, as we have now understood, is no longer interested in issuing fixed-rate updates. Today, however, a long-awaited update from the public has finally arrived. Let’s see together what are the new proposals for the Royal Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode for the Fortnite 11.30 update.

First of all, as far as the Royal Battle is concerned, the shared-screen cooperative on PS4 and Xbox One has been added: it’s a novelty that will be improved over time. Moreover, through the group center, it is possible to preview the new products of the Shop from mobile. In addition, the maximum limit of daily gifts from the item shop has increased from 3 to 5. The way in which ammunition is shown on the screen has been changed. From this moment it is also possible to switch from the “Deleted from” screen to the screen indicating the obtained PEs. Finally, preparations have been completed for the live event linked to Star Wars which, we remind you, will be broadcast on December 14th at 20.00. Italian time.

Epic Games

Let’s now pass to the Creative Mode of Fortnite 11.30, which introduces:

  • Deceive units to make walls and floors appear and disappear
  • Tracker to create tasks and customized challenges
  • Throbbing Pantano Galleries
  • Island Archipelago

Finally, we have Salva il Mondo, which adds a series of “Joyful and Happy Ransom” assignments that ask us to save Crackshot. Frostnite also returns: we will have to keep the burner on with the Blub because when the frost goes out it gets closer and we lose health, while the anti-Storm shield shrinks. The aim is to survive as long as possible.

The following characters have also been added:

  • Jingle Jess (Advantage “Do not bear)
  • Krampus Sentry Gunner (Advantage “Coal for all”)
  • Crackshot The Soldier of the Holidays (Advantage “Crazy news”)

The following weapons have also been added:

  • Spargizenzero
  • The Paper Shredder
  • Lancia Snowballs

Then we have the winter Llama which unlocks festive heroes and weapons. In addition, the General has super-charged the maximum level of the Home Base heroes: that is, the skill damage is increased up to 72% while shields and health are 42% higher. The collection, in the advanced stages of Montespago, has been improved. The Inhibitor trap, the gas trap, and the traps have also been retouched. Finally, it is now possible to automatically recycle the weapons of a certain rarity, thanks to new settings.

Furthermore, a whole series of bug fixes have been made: find all the details on the official Epic websiteTell us, what do you think of the innovations introduced with the Fortnite 11.30 update? Did they convince you or did you expect something different?

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