Matrix 4, the Release Date of the Movie Sequel with Keanu Reeves Unveiled


The official release date for Matrix 4, expected the sequel to the sci-fi saga starring Keanu Reeves

Matrix 4 finally has an official release date. Fans of the science fiction saga have welcomed with great pleasure and, at the same time, fear the news of a new sequel. Initially, there were rumors of a completely renewed cast, to then announce the return of some of the beloved protagonists. Therefore danger averted, Neo ( Keanu Reeves ) will be there. But no one has forgotten how the second and third installments of the saga had a very different impact on the fans, which will undoubtedly flood the halls, albeit with that fear that somehow recalls the sensations generated by the new Star Wars trilogy by JJ Abrams.

The release date of Matrix 4 is May 21, 2021. It certainly does not lack little but it is not even a date so far away over the years. This means that the production phase is now underway, which makes it difficult to think of possible steps backward. Matrix will have a fourth chapter and will make its debut in theaters in full of what is called the “blockbuster season”. Warner Bros has therefore decided to play this joker in the season in which the greatest collections of the year are usually obtained. This means that in this film we intend to focus particularly. Good for the fans, who in that period of 2021, indeed on the same date, will be able to make a real feast of Keanu Reeves, who will challenge himself at the box office

Matrix 4 and John Wick 4, the release date

The May 21, 2021, is a date to mark on your calendar for movie fans. There is no doubt. On this day in fact, in addition to Matrix 4, John Wick will also be coming to theaters 4. The saga of the paid killer played by Keanu Reeves seemed initially to have only three chapters. The ending of the last film that arrived in the room, however, makes the need for a last film more clear to really put an end to the adventures of John. Later they could open the doors of a TV series dedicated to the universe created by Chad Stahelski, but without “the chosen one” in the cast.

Matrix 4, what we know

Little is known about the fourth chapter of the Matrix. The announcement of the new film linked to the saga is in fact relatively recent. The original cast has been confirmed for now by Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss, or Neo and Trinity. The mystery regarding Morpheus, or Lawrence Fishburne, and Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, is still rather dense. However, the names of some supporting actors have sprung up, from Neil Patrick Harris to Jessica Henwick, well-known television personalities with How I Met Your Mother and Game of Thrones.

But Warner Bros is also at work on another film set in the Matrix universe. In this case, it is easy to envision a totally new cast, as this is a prequel. Zak Penn will manage the project, while the fourth chapter is in the hands of Lana Wachowski (without her sister Lily, co-author of the trilogy).