Homemade “Nikes” Give Filipino Athlete A Golden Edge


MANILA (Reuters) – For some athletes, brands count for everything when it comes to performance.

Filipino schoolgirl Rhea Bullos won three gold medals at a track and field competition this week without wearing shoes, opting instead to wrap her feet with tape and draw an iconic Nike “swoosh” logo on it.

Bullos, 11, was part of his team of 12 athletes who made their own shoes because they only had two pairs of running shoes between them during the competition in the central province of Iloilo.

Coach Predirick Valenzuela said Bullos had shown his raw talent after starting athletics only a month ago. A pair of running shoes could make a big difference in the future, he said.

“Winning three medals in a competition like this is difficult, but she did,” said Valenzuela by phone from Iloilo.

“It’s every athlete’s dream to wear spiked shoes,” added Valenzuela. “Not necessarily Nike, as long as they have decent shoes to be able to compete.”