How Much Did Izak Spend on CS: GO? the Amount May Surprise You


Ever wondered how much Izak spent on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Izak is definitely one of the most popular content creators related to Counter-Strike. Records Youtube channels, streams and comments on matches. Virtually every person who is somehow associated with CS knows him.

During one of his broadcasts, Izak revealed how much he had spent about a title from Valve.

You could buy a really decent car

Izak during one of his streams answered one of the questions that probably interested his community the most. One user asked if Izak knew how much he really spent on Counter-Strike.

Did you count how much money you lost on CS: GO?

Yes, I do not know, from 21 thousand dollars – says Streamer.

21 thousand dollars is converted to around 80 thousand zlotys. Of course, these are the costs of skin draws, which then returned to some extent on the episodes, while the viewer’s question was “how much you lost”, so maybe this is only part of the amount, the one that never returned.

It is a bit different from Youtubers than with normal players. They often buy different things to have something to record episodes of. While Izak doesn’t do it very often, many artists only base on it.