Richard Commey vs. Teofimo Lopez – the Official Weighing!


Another World Cup bang in New York’s Madison Square Garden tonight! Richard Commey (29-2-0, 26 Ko’s) will defend his lightweight world championship belt (IBF) against the highly negotiated challenger Teofimo Lopez (14-0-0, 11 Ko’s).

Commey and Lopez easily in the limit!

The 32-year-old Richard Commey (Ghana) will jeopardize his World Cup title for the third time according to the International Boxing Federation (IBF) version on Saturday night in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Against the previously unbeaten Teofimo Lopez (USA), Commey wants to prove that he is one of the big names in lightweight.

Defending champion Richard Commey (left) weighed 60.872 kilograms. With his challenger, Teofimo Lopez, it was 60.963 kg. Both boxers therefore easily stayed in the limit up to 61.235 kg.!

Commey is also a “big one” physically! After all, the defending champion from Ghana, with a height of 1.73 meters, is not to be overlooked. In addition to an impressive range, Commey has a no less impressive knockout ratio of almost 84 percent.

In his last two victories, he did not allow Raymundo Beltran and Isa Chaniev to cover the full distance of twelve laps, demonstrating his remarkable clout. Now Richard Commey could face one of his most difficult tasks when he faces the challenger Teofimo Lopez, who is highly valued by trade journalists.

At just 22 years old, Teofimo Lopez is one of the young stars on the scene. Nevertheless, Lopez, based in Brooklyn (New York, USA), has caused a sensation in the past two years after sending his opponents in rows on the boards. With a respectable battle record of 14 wins in 14 fights (11 Ko’s), “El Brooklyn” made an impression on many recognized US experts.

Teofimo Lopez

The challenger does not seem to lack self-confidence either: “Commey has never met a boxer with such unique qualities as Teofimo Lopez!”

Most recently, Lopez was only able to present these “unique qualities” to a very limited extent after he could not completely convince against Masayoshi Nakatani and could not get past a point win. The knowledgeable audience still clings to Lopez and gives him a realistic chance to successfully prevail against Richard Commey in the World Cup fight next weekend.