PHOTO Kylie Jenner reveals a child photo: her resemblance to her daughter Stormi is striking


What could Kylie Jenner as a child look like? She shared a photo of her little one, in a photo montage next to her daughter Stormi. Mom and child at the same age, it only remains to observe the result.

Kylie Jenner’s love life is full of uncertainty. Suddenly, she is seen with Drake. Another, she finds Travis Scott, her ex, and always seems so close to him. But if there is someone Kylie Jenner loves above all, without any hesitation, it’s her daughter, Stormi. And the beautiful brunette regularly shares moments of complicity with her little one on Instagram. Lately, she had shown Stormi in full imitation of her momA video that had melted subscribers.

Approximate look

Kylie Jenner wants to press on this side “like mother, like daughter”, and show the resemblance between the two. Tuesday, December 17, she shared in her Instagram story a montage of a photo of Stormi and her at the same age. We then discover a Kylie Jenner with a still approximate look, T-shirt struck with a large Adidas logo and a huge smile on her lips. To his left, Stormi poses in his imprecise attempt to make up, as in the video previously broadcast.

As Christmas approaches, other photos of the little girl could spread to the star’s Instagram account. And, in addition, it could be real family photos, with the dad, who will be present for these end of year celebrationsKylie even agreed to travel to Houston to spend time with the family of Travis Scott. From there to imagine that the couple will reform, there is only a small step that it is sometimes difficult not to take.