Assassin’s Creed iii: The Rebel Collection


The Game continues to be its Assassin’s Creed games on the Nintendo to the Switch, and now we get to The Rebel Collection, which includes the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, AC Rogue, and with all the DLC included. It occupies 20GB, but what do we have here, the experiences of the previous generation city, with a few improvements, or a hbrido a few of the improvements seen on the PS4 and the Xbox One.

First of all, it is worth to say that it’s a pleasure to come back to play these games. Black Flag gave it a new lease number, and with more of a focus on naval engagements, by increasing the number of tasks for the naval battles. The tranquil beaches quickly from the place, to the stormy seas, the scene of the battle deformao of the waves. nice to see both of them in the game, and converted it to the Switch, and the top-back of the PS3.

Yes, but only for the ports, but it has been applied with care. Improvements have been made to the general, the in-game HUD has been adjusted, and the HD will Give the est of this at the same time, you can point out the Joy-self-explanatory. If you like port of the AC3 audio to the Switch, then they will follow the example. Under the terms of the especificaes, both of which run at 1080p, dynamic in the dock. The 1920 x 1080 native max, but the resoluo from scenes that are intense, but in an astonishing increase on the 720p native on the previous generation city.

During the fighting at sea, the forests dense, and the less than rose 1600×900 on a Black Flag. On the Rogue, a little bit worse 1472×828, but for the most part, it is surprising to see that most of the games that do run at 1080p. It is also striking that the experience porttil run mostly at 720p, and although we find a resoluo dynamic in the us to dispose of. a port from the jurisdiction where it needs to be. The improvement in the resoluo os perceptveis on the verses of the previous generation city, and the trade of the frames is not constant between 20-60fps and disappeared, making way for the 30 fps locked.

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Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

A resoluo dynamic is able to stabilize well performance and even though at the end of 30 fps fixed, and at a good pace most of the time (on the PS4), and the level of performance of the est is near, and there are only occasional drops to the high 20’s. The Black Flag with the star of the package is, the more the estvel of the Rogue, but the performance is good enough. The same thing happens on the way to mobile, that’s even better. It seems to run faster around the resoluo you want to, and in spite of the performance being perfect, it is the most close to the 30 fps estveis.

In terms of visual features, the team will be responsible for the talk you had two options to pursue. All the games of AC on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have been designed as an ttulos, cross-gen. The Black Flag has been rolled for all of the consoles in 2013, with better views on the PS4 and Xbox One, and the matter in which it operates to reverse the Switch. As for the port of AC3, we territrio of the previous generation city, in the most part, but curious to see what the new conversion to tm-anti-aliasing, less refined than on the PS3.

However, it is the reverse Switch on the engine delivery is occluded environment of the highest quality, the best filter on the textures, and the shadows above. The textures are the same, such as the quality of the vegetao, the number of non-player characters as well. Taking into account the resoluo the top, we have a back-improved game from the previous generation city, to a point at the quality of the reflections to be the same, but they had some big improvements in the verses of the current generation city.

Just when you compare it to the one v. PS4, which comeamos a view of the limitaes of the port in the Switch. The texture of the top-resoluo at this present, is probably too much for the 3.5 GB of VRAM utilizveis on the Switch. The material on the character is superior to the PS4, such as reflections, motion blur and effects such as rain. It is also used for weaving in the rocks, something that is absent in the Switch. In addition, the vegetao interactive is not present in the Switch, such as the verses from the previous generation city. The refinement, the extra has disappeared, but other than that, the port Switch has all of the features.

There is a perceptvel the court, which I consider to be brazil. The audio has a lower quality, just like in AC3. The problem with the est is mainly in the compression of the dilogo. Put some headphones on, and it becomes more and more apparent that it has the worst quality. something to keep in mind, if you are playing at a Switch with a listening ear, or a good sound system. Through the columns of the Switch, not the problem.

I would say that The Rebel Collection is successful. The large increase in the resoluo over the previous generation city is suitable for the ecrs’s most recent performance is the most next of the verses, PS4, and Xbox One. The game in itself is great, and the Switch offers best verses portteis of good luck to you all, to the point that they feel fresh and exciting. There is also d a new life to the Rogue, who was a shadow of the Unity, in the course of 2014.

Now, it would be great to convert it to the Ezio Collection for the Router, but it is also like a game designed in the Switch. The PS Vita has had its time with the AC3: Liberation, and the Switch to more of what you have done to earn their CA. At the moment, the Rebel Collection is a great way to find out, this was a highly-celebrated of late in the number one espcie de remaster, but it is an excellent way porttil.

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