‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Received Mixed Review


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker just held a World Premiere in Hollywood on Monday (12/17). Indeed we have not been able to read the review posts of people who have watched, but some of those who have watched it first have given their initial reaction via Twitter.

Some testimonies from them said they were satisfied with the results, some said they were somewhat unsatisfactory for the final measurements of Skywalker Saga.

Critic Brian Truitt said that this film was not the best Star Wars film, but gave good results with new characters, a cool twist plot, and a group of dynamic groups.

Eric Eisenberg, the editor of Cinemablend, writes through his personal account that Rise of Skywalker has a lot of good things, but even more disappointing.

Not a few who turned out to be disappointed with The Rise of Skywalker. Most stated they were disappointed with the conclusions conveyed. There is too many fanservice in this film and it’s confusing to have to watch it once again.

However, many also praised this film can satisfy them for successfully ending Skywalker Saga well.