1917, Word to Steven Spielberg: “a Revolutionary Film, Congratulations to Sam Mendes”


For the American press, which has already seen 1917, the new film by Sam Mendes is the best war film since the days of Salvate Soldier Ryan and in this regard in these hours on Deadline, the words of Steven Spielberg were reported for the first time.

The direct interested party – doubly interested, as he also co-producer of the project with DreamWorks – apparently seems to agree with the comparison, given that regarding the new film he said:

“ This is such a revolutionary film and I am so proud that the little boy fishing in the crescent is the logo in front of it. I am so honored to represent the company that co-financed this film since in a way this is more of a return home for me and us at DreamWorks because in 1997 I was shooting a film in London and there I saw a great musical directed by Sam Mendes. A couple of years have passed and I received this script, American Beauty … I sent the script to Sam and asked him if he would be interested in making his first film. And that’s how our relationship started, it was his first film and he won his first Oscar, and he gave DreamWorks our first Oscar for best film. 

Spielberg continued:

” There are scripts that I have read, and then there are those that I got lost in. The experience involves me so deeply, and that was what I felt when I read the script by Sam and Krysty Wilson-Cairn for 1917 The script was extraordinary. It was a true story in three acts and it brought me back to a period in which I am very interested personally, the First World War, but it is also a moral story, a human story, a story about survival, about brotherhood and many other qualities to aspire to. I thought it was extraordinary. “

Finally, the director concluded:

The other thing I want to point out is that when Sam gave me the script he said to me and ‘, Oh anyway, as I indicated in the pages, I’m going to shoot the whole movie in one shot.’ I said, ‘Sam, this isn’t Birdman. This is outside, covers several miles and acres, and is under the sky and goes on day and night and day. And he explained to me that the concept of the sequence plan he had in mind was not to show off, it was not to show that he had inventiveness as a filmmaker. It’s literally making the third character that tries to get from A to Z on this fantastic, incredible journey of survival. It really makes you feel like you’re watching something in real-time. It’s not a gimmick, but a way to get deeply involved and press all your empathy buttons. This is one of the most revolutionary films I have ever seen, and one of the greatest examples of films I have ever seen.

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