Joker, Joaquin Phoenix Literally Went Hungry to Get to Arthur Fleck’s Weight


During the featurette Vision vs Fury, one of the special contents of the Joker home-video edition, the actor Joaquin Phoenix and the director Todd Phillips spoke about the creative process that brought the star in the skeletal role of the protagonist Arthur Fleck.

According to the author, Phoenix would have refused the help of a nutritionist and other experts to lose about 52 kg and give life to the character imagined by Phillips and his co-writer Scott Silver. At the end of the trial, the weight loss turned out to be so drastic that Glenn Fleshler, who plays Arthur Randall’s colleague, hardly recognized Phoenix during a script reading meeting.

“ We talked a lot about it: ‘How thin should Arthur be? How far do we want to go? ‘ “Phillips declares during the special content.” And I kept saying to him: ‘When will you start losing weight? Where do you start the diet?’ Because it was already something like June, and it hadn’t started yet, and we had to start shooting in September. And he was still at 180 pounds. Not that he was fat, but we were talking about going down to 125. I said, ‘We can hire a boy, I have this woman who is an expert nutritionist, you may want to talk to her and things like that. “And he said:” No no, that’s not how I do it. ” ‘And how is it you would do it?’ ‘I stop eating and I’m starving.’ Since that day he has eaten an apple a day all summer.

For Fleshler, Phoenix’s physical transformation was a surprise. ” When I saw him at that meeting, he had lost 50 pounds. It was like the shell of the real Joaquin Phoenix. He was completely immersing himself in the role .”

These statements will surely attract the attention of the voters of the Academy, who have always been very sensitive to the physical transformations for the assignment of the Oscars to the performances. In this regard, we refer you to our analysis of the actors favored at the Oscars 2020.