The Director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Defends the Choices Made on Luke Skywalker


Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker is currently in theaters and, despite the controversial opinions that accompany it, for the finale of the sequel trilogy is already a box office hit. With the success also comes the inevitable confrontation with Episode VIII, in which the director Rian Johnson once again defends the choices made for the character of Mark Hamill.

The fight this time takes place on twitter, where an extremely inclement comment from a fan of the Lucasfilm franchise sting Johnson’s work in full:

“This (the retweet post below) is the best explanation of how @rianjohnson completely destroyed the character of Luke Skywalker almost ruined the inter franchise. I thank the @bad_robot page for fixing the Johnson disaster. “

According to the director, who replied to the comment, the user would not have analyzed the film in its entirety: “I’m not at all agree, in fact, I think that what is written sully the character of Luke because it does not treat it like a real legendary hero who overcomes injury and recurring defects, but as a video game character who got an upgrade track and permanent. “

To Johnson, Luke would not be represented as a contrast three black and white, but rather it is precisely in the intervals and shades in the middle that it is possible to appreciate the true complexity of the character.

In the past some criticisms of Star Wars: The Last Jedi had even come from John Boyega, however, discontented with Johnson had always replied with a smile on his lips, the

one among the Star Wars fans, and often the producers themselves, is a conflict that will probably never end, thanks to the great enthusiasm, sometimes extremist, of the public: just think that today a spectator freaked out during the screening of Episode IX.