Mark Hamill on His Dual Performance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Those who have already seen Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker know that Luke Skywalker is not a dominant role within the film, focused more on the figure of Leila Organa, as repeatedly confirmed by JJ Abrams and the cast. Yet perhaps not everyone has noticed the special cameo by Mark Hamill, one of the many presents in the film.

There may be some spoilers below, be careful!

In Episode IX Hamill lent his voice to Boolio, one of the aliens who particularly distinguished themselves in the ranks of the Resistance.

Subsequently, we learn of the tragic end (not of Darth Plagueis the wise), but of the poor Boolio, following the arrival of Kylo Ren and his knights on his home planet.

Mark Hamill, therefore, finds himself playing two roles, as already happened in The Last Jedi: after the death of Luke Skywalker in Episode VIII, the Jedi master also returns to the final chapter, like Yoda before him.

In a recent interview, the actor explains this particular and controversial choice :

“In The Last Jedi, I had a magnificent closure. Being involved in other situations is only because of that particular aspect of Star Wars mythology where if you are a Jedi, you can go back and make an appearance as a ghost of the Force. “

For Hamill, therefore, his return to the set should not be a surprise, above all, in our opinion, by virtue of the immense contribution that the actor has given to the saga since its inception.

Among the famous returns of the original cast, also that of Billy Dee Williams excited by the idea of ​​re-interpreting Lando Calrissian and Ian McDiarmid in the highly anticipated Emperor Palpatine.