Terry Gilliam on Marvel Studios Films: “They Offer a Big, Beautiful Lie”


During a recent interview, the great director Terry Gilliam talked about his relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, rekindling a controversy that has dominated the titles of the newspapers in the past weeks.

Gilliam has taken the side of those who claim that the immense reign of Marvel Studios is putting the creative freedom of smaller realities in difficulty, but he has also praised their workmanship, calling them brilliant.

” I don’t like the fact that they are dominating so much, ” said the director. ” They are taking all the money that should be available for a greater variety of films. Technically, however, they are brilliant. They cannot be criticized from that point of view because the technical skills necessary to make them are incredible .”

The director went on to warn that the seemingly endless resources of Disney and Marvel could be better used. ” If you are so powerful, you should face reality a little more. What I don’t like is that it seems that they want to tell us that we all have to be superheroes to combine something in life. It’s something that drives me crazyThis is what these films are saying to young people. It is not the right way to face reality, in my opinion. “

Gilliam also claimed that he is not a fan of Ryan Coogler ‘s Black Panther.

” I hated Black Panther. It drives me crazy. It gives young black guys the idea that this is something to believe in. Bullshit. It’s total bullshit. I think the people who did it were never in Africa. ” he said. “ They went to get some stylists for some fabrics and various things with African motifs. But I hated that movie, in part because the media was continuing to give importance to bullshit. ” When asked if he felt the exaltation of criticism for Black Panther was a politically correct answer that didn’t take aesthetics into account to promote identity politics, Gilliam said, ” It makes my blood boil