The Possible First Location of the Batman Has Been Revealed: Filming Moves to the Countryside


The details on Matt Reeves’ new film are still few and even on the cast there are still many uncertainties ( will Bautista be Bane? ), Yet, new clues come from the set and after the working title of The Batman maybe even the first location was revealed.

According to the twitter user @CardingtonSheds, something would be moving, and building, in the quiet town of Cardington, Bedfordshire: a very small English town with only 316 inhabitants. A perfect place to shoot undisturbed one of the most anticipated films of 2021.

The tweet shows the following caption:

“So this week I found out …
1. They are shooting parts of Robert Pattinson Batman’s film in Cardington.
2. They are building a cathedral in Hall 1 for the film.
3. They are looking for around 500 extras to film there. “

A subsequent comment shows an image taken from Google Street View, in which you can clearly see the implementation of a cathedral which, combined with the gloomy countryside that surrounds it, would seem to be the perfect place to shoot the funeral of the spouses, Wayne, element essential part of every film about the Dark Knight.

Another user repeats the announcement made by Uni-versal Extra on the request for extras from 18 to 70 years of age, for an unspecified film. The requests? A rigorous black suit and an indication of the town of Cardington as a filming set.

Filming has officially started, although we will have to wait for CCXP 2020 for the first images of The Batman and Suicide Squad.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 25, 2021, how do you think it will be? Let us know!