Joker, Todd Phillips: “the Success of the Film Has Nothing to Do With Batman”

Joker: a scene from the movie with Joaquin Phoenix

For the Joker director, Todd Phillips, the incredible success of the cinecomic is not tied to the fame of the comic and the interaction of the villain with Batman when the thematic actuality of the film.

Director Todd Phillips returns to talk about his Joker and while reiterating that he is available for a possible sequel he declares himself convinced that the success of the film has nothing to do with Batman.

Joker: the scream of Joaquin Phoenix

During an interview with Deadline, Todd Phillips was asked to comment on the Joker’s success by specifying whether it is somehow related to the popularity of the DC comic and the dynamics of the villain with Batman. Here is his answer:

“I think it goes beyond that. I think there are themes in the film that really make people think.”

Joker: a scene from the movie with Joaquin Phoenix

Joker is not a traditional story of origins, Phillips and Scott Silver created their version of the villain highlighting how the character was shaped by suffering and social inequalities. The film’s Joker goes beyond the comic book pages to become a symptom of the company’s bankruptcy.

Todd Phillips admits that he tried to make a film that made sense for comic book fans, but that dealt with topics of global importance, the director explains that he wanted to use Joker “to talk about the loss of compassion and the lack of decorum in the world”: “I traveled the world with the film and speaking to the public, some people saw it as a metaphor for America, for others, it is a mirror of what is happening in the world, with the growing lack of compassion and the increase in social inequalities.”

Despite the R rating, Joker proved to be one of the 2019 box office hits, surpassing $ 1 billion at the box office and is among the possible candidates for the 2020 Oscars. Confirmation will take place in a few days with the delivery of the Golden Globes, the second most prestigious prize after the Oscars.