The Witcher: The Showrunner Defends the Main Change From the Novels


The Witcher showrunner confronts fans on Twitter defending the main change in the Netflix series from the original novel and short stories.

The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich took the floor on social media to defend the Netflix series’ major change from the novels. Change that has to do with Princess Cirilla of Cintra.

Cirilla in the first season of the show

In the books of Andrzej Sapkowski, Geralt of Rivia makes the acquaintance of Ciri in the Brokilon Forest. A Twitter user complained that without this encounter, the ending of the first season of The Witcher lacks the dramatic depth of the literary counterpart. Showrunner Hissrich, however, defended her creative decisions by responding to the fan:

“I heard you, we too have debated it for a long time. Here is our thought: adapting the stories that were important for the construction of this universe, and consequently adapting the multiple encounters between Geralt and Ciri following the literary narrative line, meant that we should have waited for season two to introduce Ciri

Hissrich clarifies why The Witcher neglects The Sword of Destiny subplot in favor of a narrative that allows the development of future stories by creating a hook for the audience:

“Which makes sense if you are a fan of the original books. This is what has been done, and it’s great! But for the purposes of the TV series to focus solely on Geralt in the first season, then introduce Yennefer, and many seasons after introducing Ciri. , it creates confusion. Forget hunting monsters, take two or three seasons of what you are looking at and put them away. Do you know this little girl you just met? She is the key to this whole universe, and she will be the center of all the stories to come.

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The first season of The Witcher is currently available on Netflix, while a second has already been ordered by the streaming platform.