Margot Robbie: “Joaquin Phoenix Is ​​a Fantastic Joker!”


Margot Robbie has publicly praised the interpretation of her colleague Joaquin Phoenix in the film Joker, in which he plays Arthur Fleck, destined to become the iconic DC comic-inspired villain.

The actress plays Harley Quinn on the big screen and gets to know Batman’s enemy closely, considering that her character’s story is intertwined with hers. In Suicide Squad the role had been entrusted to Jared Leto, and now Margot Robbie commented on the film Joker directed by director Todd Phillips stating: ” Joaquin Phoenix has done a phenomenal job. I felt that his film was much more related to reality. Ours is different, it’s over the top. “

In the same interview with Variety, the star returned to talk about the importance of making a film forbidden to minors with Birds of Prey (and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn), an idea that she had from the early stages of the project and before released in theaters of feature films such as Deadpool, Logan, and Joker. To convince Warner Bros, however, it took some time to convince the producers of the potential success of a feature film that does not appeal to an audience of all ages.