Tokyo-the Mirage Sessions: FE – Review –


The concept is good and interesting, but there is a lack of a better use for the Fire Emblem and the latest news on this issue reveal themselves to be subtle.

Originally published as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and the spin of the broadest in the series, Shin Megami Tensei (of Bethesda), Tokyo is in the Air Sessions ” return after three years to field a hybrid in the Family, in the form of “Encore”. It is worth noting that the game ends in a cross-over of two of the most famous tv series: Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem are the initials that appear in the title. Is not this, however, is to be found in the maximum amplitude of both of the series, because it is in the form of the concept, and the aesthetics of the Interactive, which will take the lead. In fact, much of the play is a sort of Shin Megami Tensei, the one titled “I-pop” full of the music, the actors, and the models of entertainment in japan. It is a world that is growing up in Japan, in Tokyo, the modern, where different planes intersect, at the point of taking the character to a world that is disruptive.

The most likely of Tokyo-in the Air Session, is that, in spite of the integration of the series is Fire Emblem at its core, the company’s Intelligent Systems has little to contribute to the development, it is not possible to speak of a “crossover” game mechanics or the game play through. This is a title primarily developed by Bethesda, which boasts both a fine art and a level design that’s easily recognized. There is a clear convergence of the Shin Megami Tensei and also, the Main character is a dog. However, whereas in the series, Atlus has managed to inject a freshness and creativity to make a significant step forward in the genre jrpg, with Halo 5, this range is not so great. Substantially less than they were in the game from Bethesda published in the country in 2017, Tokyo-in the Air Session, is, however, a game is worked on, and capable of producing moments between the reasonable and the good, but frankly it falls short of the best we’ve played by Bethesda.

Tokyo, the modern and the supernatural

The atmosphere and the whole composition is associated with one of the most consistent of Tokyo-in the Air Session. In the realistic approach of the Tokyo we see in the presented localities are easily recognisable. It is in Shibuya, and Harajuku, which is the largest part of the work, as well as the traditional dungeon. The main characters are Itsuki Aoi, a high school student with little interest in the phenomenon of pop music, but it turns out if you connect it by means of His Oribe, an old colleague looking to move up the rankings in the media of the song, especially after the mysterious disappearance of her sister.

The result is that a ticket to “idolosfera”, in a world where the people who are involved with other players and form a team or party that you will be dealing with creatures from an alternative reality, a realm which is inhabited by the mirage, the evil monsters that suck up the humans a new ability called “performance”. It’s a story with a big dose of the supernatural, as it is usual in the games from Atlus. Nothing here is very, very different in structure, only one stands out in the entrance of the characters of Fire Emblem. They are, first of all, the Chrome and Caeda, precious friends of Itsuki, and His. Both of them are transformed into powerful weapons, ensuring you special powers to use in combat in turn-based battles, a good style of jrpg.

Shibuya and Harajuko district’s iconic, in Tokyo.

The story is far from secure, the impact of other narratives within a genre that you know, systematically, to new arguments. It is not a plot that is brilliant. There are times that some of the changes, but the track is well measured in the context of the research. We will be led to the dungeons, where you solve a puzzle, and it is most obvious in a rhythm, “united states”, without being dismal. The most obvious is the color, the music, and the tone of the anime at several points in the adventure. The battles take place in a play of light, color, and brightness.
The presentation of the characters, it is elegant, a mix of glamour and the bright lights of the cameras. The song, which is included in these segments, both in the game as well as in the short animation, which feed into the story, it penetrates well in the space of the days of pop, the japanese, from the first to the last minute. The new music in this version of the router are, however, scarce and restricted to just a link.

An Encore with a change of more or less subtle

If you’ve played Tokyo, the Air Session in 2016, it’s likely to come back to try some of it, there are no major changes, just start at the very beginning. There are changes that are subtle, such as, for example, the presentation of the characters look more mature in a way that will be best for the game in the west. On the other hand, there are the new branches in the story, new characters, helpers, and music, as a result of the inclusion of the DLC of the original, which is now a part of the entire game. In spite of the changes to measured and the attachments aren’t easy to detect, and the effect is little change in the type of experience that does not in any way changing the gameplay, at its core it remains the same.

The animations are good, and the dynamic and vibrant with colour.

The exploration of the districts of Tokyo, described above, is a prospect alluring, yet it contains limitations. Buy accessories to modify your outfit, we have a recipe in simple to grasp. Best part is, the modification is carried out on the weapons that are available, and with the practical effects of the type of attack and the abilities of the characters. The participation in the actions it takes on the character to gain experience, level up and improve your ranking within the framework of the time. The blows can be devastating if you know how to take advantage of the attack on Martinez, who works as a fusion of the characters of sf and Tokyo, in the Air, opening a window to a collection of hits from the burst, that is deeply damaging to the opponent. The skill to ad-lib to great effect, visual and music, culminating in a wider range, thereby producing additional effects. The special moves are in addition to the “waste” of a combination/partnership with devastating effect, a technique that is easy to use.

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Initially, the novelty comes from the DLC, argue in favour of the extension of time for the game. There is a central element connected with every other one, the one that makes the difference, even at long distance there is almost a refresher on how we approach them. The aesthetics of a long journey can inspire you with an idea of emptiness or simplicity, but it is also a component of the art is derivative of all of us. The characters and the animals bearing them in more detail and in a piece of music, under the strong elements of the scenic, typical of the “idol of pop”.

In the assumed approach to the mechanics of Fire Emblem, Tokyo-in the Air Session not comprising the highest expectations. More could be done to integrate the other elements of the gauge. The add-on’s (DLC), gives you a new life, or the course of the game, it’s essentially the same as the title of the Wii U to gain a new opportunity, especially since Persona 5, a game that opened up a whole new level of excellence within the framework of the jrpg”s and set up a bar on the inside of Bethesda. Tokyo is in the Air it’s a great jrpg, with an interesting concept, but without the brilliance and richness of Persona 5.

Pros: Cons:
  • The original concept, which focused on idol pop japanese
  • The projection of realistic district of Tokyo
  • The soundtrack
  • The quality of the animation
  • Longevity
  • New subtle
  • Low utilization of the franchise, Fire Emblem
  • The construction was recycled in some of the dungeons
  • The limits on the exploration of the city
  • The gameplay and story more than Halo 5

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