Nintendo will show you all the delights of the Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl


Level-5’s that lana is finally in the game in the West.

Rolled it in August of 2017 at the earliest for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, a Snack-World, Level-5 is est, is finally about to come to the West.

On the reverse side the 3DS was the cis, and in its place we will have a port full of improvements, for the Nintendo router, it’s called the Snack World, The Dungeon-Crawl – Gold-and whose charms you can discover in the new video.

Snack in the World: The Dungeon-Crawl – Gold is a role-playing game in which you create your character, and you can also join your friends to explore the dungeons are randomly generated.

Depending on desbravas territrio unknown, side by side with other players, enfrentars creatures are dangerous and others are dangerous. If you win, recebers the rewards that will encourage them to explore the other dungeons.

In this new gameplay trailer, Nintendo will show you what to expect from this cycle is to bring in the Snack World, The Dungeon-Crawl – Gold-you get to s stores l February 14, 2020.

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