Cristian Castro Is in the Middle of a Love Triangle


The singer was caught walking with a woman while his girlfriend faces him.

Cristian Castro could be in the middle of a scandal caused by a supposed love triangle, and he was caught recently walking with his girlfriend while another woman faced him.

The Awake America program, posted on its Instagram account a small clip where you can see part of the awkward scene for the Mexican singer.

“Exclusive. One of the most famous singers in Mexico is wrapped in a love triangle. It’s about Cristian Castro, ”reads the message written at the bottom of the video.

According to the program, it will be until tomorrow when the full video is transmitted. “You will witness the confrontation Cristian, his lover, and his current girlfriend.”

In the video fragment, Cristian Castro is seen walking on the arm of a woman while in the background listening to another woman saying: “What did you do to me on Friday? I love you, my love. I will make love to you very rich and I made them rich, dad.”

Apparently, the woman next to whom Cristian walked is the Colombian Martha Muvdi, with whom she has been romantically related for at least a couple of months. However, the singer has never admitted that he has a new love.