Lewis Hamilton States That the Vegan Diet Totally Changed His Life


The Formula 1 champion says he feels physically and emotionally much better since he became vegan …

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton talked about how the vegan diet changed his life. The pilot said he feels much better now that he has excluded all animal products from his diet, and feels that he is doing his part in the world, saving the animals.

Hamilton, who was named Person of the Year by the PETA animal rights organization in 2018, spoke about the positive impacts he had after starting meat and dairy-free diet and no other animal products, in his performance, levels of energy and health of your intestine.

He said in the new issue of GQ Hype magazine: “Ultimately, you want to feel good. You want to have energy, be constant. You don’t want to have big swings, ups, and downs in your energy levels. Veganism has eradicated that, ”he explains.

“When I was 22, I was a great talent. You have a lot of energy, you are fit, there is no pain, nothing … But I am always looking for how I can improve. Can you improve my vision? My reactions can improve “Are there new ways to evaluate my reactions? Ergonomics in the car … how can I simplify everything? One of the things was my sleep pattern and I didn’t feel well in my stomach. Your intestine is your second brain, ”he justifies.

The 35-year-old athlete added that the ‘non-vegans’ are missing all of that: “They taught us how to drink milk and eat meat for protein and I started investigating other areas about all this. The first was ‘what is happening to animals’. Second, the impact this can have on your body. This is a free advantage that I will take advantage of. If nobody else wants to do it, they are getting lost, ”he says, confirming once again that not eating meat and dairy products has completely changed his body positively.