Royalty Expert Criticizes Harry’s New Speech


Phil Dampier believes that the Prince disrespected Queen Elizabeth II when he broke the silence this weekend …

British royalty expert Phil Dampier revealed to the Fabulous Digital column of The Sun newspaper his impressions of Prince Harry’s speech during a charity event over the weekend, and said what the Duke of Sussex did It was ‘throwing the queen’s warm words, back into her face’.

Phil stated that Harry’s speech at Sentebale’s dinner reminded him of the news of the abdication of King Edward VIII, and justifies: “He even looked like him sometimes! It was about him, justifying his actions and admitting that he had to give up everything for the woman he loves. The queen sent warm words like a loving grandmother in her statement, but Harry returned everything to her face, breaking the silence on Sunday night. ”

Some quotes from Harry could reveal about his feelings towards his family members and his future, according to The Sun:

“The queen published the statement, but Harry’s speech is seen as him having the ‘last word’ against the queen’s decision about the couple’s future. He says: ‘So, I want you to hear the truth from me, not as a prince or a duke, but as Harry.’ Then he addressed the participants of Sentebale simply as ‘Harry’, without association with his titles … he is trying to have the last word against the queen and using his name informally was trying to make people like him. ”

The real expert added: “He is also distancing himself from the palace in an act of defiance and trying to create a separate identity,” he justifies, saying that Meghan Markle’s husband’s words “were full of hidden messages about his future.”

“He said: ‘The United Kingdom is my home and a place that I love. Never change’. But he is moving to North America, this seems contradictory to Harry’s previous comments and could have a deeper agenda (…) in previous interviews Harry said he doesn’t like this country and wanted to leave. I can’t help feeling that this speech was about the exercise of limitation of damages, the rotation of public relations to make it easier for you to return home whenever you want, ”explains Phil.

“He jokes: ‘Finally, Diana’s second son was conquered, alive!’ … the duke made reference to his mother in his emotional speech, but failed to mention his father, Prince Charles. I always think people get a little dirty when they start talking about themselves in the third person, like Harry (…) the queen has already given her support to her grandson and his wife … it must be annoying for Charles to read this. “, Says the expert.

Phil Dampier claimed that this could be evidence of rumors that Harry arranged things with his brother, Prince William, but that he still disagrees with his father, Prince Charles.

“Harry comments: ‘I also know that they know me well enough over the years to trust that the woman I chose as my wife maintains the same values ​​as me. And it does, and it is the same woman I fell in love with. ‘ By saying that Meghan is still the same person, he is trying to divert the criticism she had. He’s saying it’s not his fault, but they acted together. He is also saying that his marriage is solid and will work in the new structure. “.

But Phil Dampier also criticized Harry: “He’s right about one thing. Meghan is the same woman he married. She left her first husband after two years … She left her father. And now he left the royal family. I just wait for Harry’s sake not to be next! ”, The man points out.