THE Tennis 2 – Review


A pack of tennis satisfatrio in gameplay and presentation. It omits the great names of tennis, while it is anchored at the Open of Australia.

In a partnership with a publishing house, Big Ben, the producer, the australian-Big Ant Studios (Melbourne), back to experience the maximum from tennis for two years, aps o lanamento de THE Tennis. Reforando multiple aspects of the game, with a special focus on pointing to the open of Australia, and the cover is Rafael Nadal (ATP) and Ash Barty (australian open), it produces an experience very aceitvel in the hands of the tennis, virtual, and since there are a years old at this part on the received produes from the publishers laid down in gnero.

For a game that is said to appear on the platforms fine furniture in 2018, followed by the consoles (PS4 and Xbox), if you can say that we are in the presence of a revoluo on the tennis virtual. Interestingly enough, THE Tennis 2 comes to the market for the occasion of the Open of Australia, event coverage, meditica the world, and the first Grand Slam in being able to find the best event in the show. But in this tournament, renamed the enough project, this edio on a visit, virtual or in the valley of the game is for the proposal?

The australian team placed a bet on a reformulao of the contedos, focusing on a revamped career mode, and a system of progress of young talent. The gameplay is consistent, the more the proximity of hot shots Golf, yet full of nuances and choices that tend to blur the definition of more arcade game to the Sega saturn. As a result, no one can tell you that we are on a production arcade is clean.

Australia’s Ashleigh Barty makes the cover of the game.

H, elements of which enhance the personality, and the definition of a punch, an interesting approach to the bidding, the scaling dimension of the simulator, although we can speak of a true simulator. in a nutshell-a game-play elements on show from the one and the other, tendncia, which has been punctuated by the experiences of more regular tennis. Personally, I feel the lack of a hot shots Tennis, though he has lost the hope of returning to the game from Sega in the near future.

Realism in the visual

Although, in a game of tennis, the first thing to focus on is the gameplay, and the way we adapt ourselves to your commands, there is another that is on AT Around 2 in all the games, so you take a set of shots, moves, and observao on the details of the equipment of the players, whether it be the tennis shoes, the racket, or the regulations, or cales. At At At At At the the treatment of face is worthy of the attention of the cameras. The composio of the athlete, it can be satisfatria, both in presentation and movement, and the treatment given to the “court,” in looks, framed in the same way.

More depth, better lighting, and better treatment of the public present in the stands, but on a careful look at whether you can weave the particular crtica for the dominant turns out to be a realistic approach to the bid. The camera angles are good and the atmosphere tends to be aggressive. Perhaps the most exciting that the we’ve seen, but still adequate to describe tennis as an experienced out-of-court”.

In the presentation the est is marked by a sense of realism.

The gameplay satisfatria

However, in court, that’s all, if he decides to, and when we went to the room, the camera is put behind the player who is going to serve, ready to follow the further developments. In this respect, the feel of the control, and the japanese player is good, that is, even in the error-free. To control the movement of a skilled player, and as for the racket, the different approaches that the ball passed through the adversrio, such as the position on the field is safe. Anyone who has experienced the hot shots Golf go on to note some familiarity in the movements, the superfcie. On the inside, when we are going to make use of the s techniques available for working with the trajectria the ball or making a stroke especfica, that we can find the value of the system, as well as the failures. The movimentao realistic to allow for a movimentao effective, far away or next to the net in a game that allows you to run across the full width. However, the motion and the response tends to be to automate what can be a brazil and in those bids, the interveno fast, or when a ball is est, the very next. These bids are, the more likely we miss the point, maybe because the frame is too weak of a character.

Fair to say that a number of the options of stroke significantly, to the point where we measure the intensity (in a fire when we want to perform in-depth), and the trajectria. A dose of realism here, you will get a lot more of our convenient domain of the merely factor position.

A career mode revamped

With a number of options in terms of content, the most noticeable is the revamped career mode is based on a structure for the narrative, which, in the absence of a coach, and a priplo for the various parts of the world. In the editor, players are once again put to proof, and there are missing options that enhance your personality. The production of a player in accordance with the pattern that we look for simpler and easier for the asserto of the elements of personalizveis. The go on to let the best memrias, but it turns out to be in line with what you want. A curious system of morality, and the encouragement of the public, through a pressure rapidly on the d-pad, top, or bottom, depending on the round of applause or a call depreciao of the effect of John McEnroe. A influncia particularly for the public, for the adversrio tends to be in the back away from the difficulty level of the pr-specific.

The japanese d-good answer, but they are inconsistncias in the game.

Espervamos a little bit more in terms of the content license. Even though the p h a s e to present rafael Nadal, the fault in the stars such as roger Federer and Andy Murray. Women are also present in the star, the greater the Ash Barty. The highlight of the licenas goes out to all of the infrastructure that compem on the open range.

In a nutshell, a game of tennis, which seems to evolve in the best possible way. in a production that was quite positive for a film company, with the scrolls in the produes games related to the sport, but the recent nas produes de tennis. Perhaps with a larger budget that you can connect to other flights. For as long as a proposal is that it seems to capitalize on, especially in and around the tournament, the australian Grand Slam, but it also leaves out elements of indispensveis to a better definition of tennis virtual.

Prs: Cons:
  • Presentation of realistic
  • Good feel of control over the players
  • The diversity and effects of strokes
  • Extension of the career mode
  • Aqum of the best experiences of tennis
  • Limitao on the license
  • The flaws in the gameplay
  • The lower production of the studios and the public

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