Journey to the Savage Planet – Review


Entry of a flag in your I am cientfica

On-it is difficult to get in to the planet, aliengena-AIR-Y26, without we abstract from the young ladies of the Metroid Prime, a first-time we saw Samus Aran to explore, in 3D, in the glamorous and dangerous world and, at the same time, even the Pikmin, and no Man’s Sky. However, it only matches up with the weight and direction are substantially different, yet tied together by a few stitches. Early on in the courses are available after the landing of our According to the. The sheer size of the AIR-to-Y26 impressive, consisting of mountains, caves, and large superfcies where there are trails and nature trails are a clear invitation to explorao, the vast vegetao.

Basically, the Journey to the Savage Planet is a game that is dominated by explorao, a journey punctuated by the notes of the mood, dazzling colors, and an almost secundarizao of the arms, and the context of the aco, in this point, which turns out to differ enormously from the Ship. However, it means that we are in the presence of a title was void in the aco, and all of the elements that make up a very good fight. H many of the creatures of the aliengenas to-face, you will find a “scan” and the kick. Yes, we shall justly, for we are called upon to fend off creatures that more closely resemble the “olharapos” with the legs, as if they were derived from imaginria of the chicken, all of which can be used to remove obstculos.

The world is bright and colorful

The result of such a world is clearly a part of their extreme diversity. The creatures began to multiply, the chances of interaco through our unique weapon passvel for improvement to enhance the moments in the fun-as challenging and this, together with a holiday experience which stands out for its humor and take on the challenge. In the confusion, this “shooter,” 3-D like the other development of the genricos games began. This planet is a explorao, capitalism, and the gags go hand-in-hands in hand, and it turns out to make a diferena.

For the more if one bears in mind that everything said in the starting of a small estdio run by three people. Alex is top notch, with the experience of Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, picked up the three veterans, the founding of the Typhoon Studios. From the founding in the fall of 2017 to the announcement of the first game, and in 2018 at the earliest, it was a step up. Google has acquired the estdio by 2019, however the Journey to The Savage Planet, the part the license of the Stadia, which makes it possible to present edio PlayStation 4.

A pioneering program, ready for lanamento

On this adventure, solo or co-operative, we take the shoes of a new recruit to the Kindred Aerospace, a company dedicated to explorao space and which has as its purpose, the alternative in the conditions of life outside the planet earth. The idea for the new one, or has become, for a visit, however, the prospect of a explorao of the conditions that determine whether or not the planet is passvel to get to the human, or the in. In the background are a intrpido operator to comply with the desgnios of the company.

The highlight of the notes to the humorsticas with which we are confronted even in the sequncia of the opening, on the edge of our According to the, a very powerful machine for space travel, which allows for a number of interaes. The weight of the adventure, the enormous evil we are attached to the outside of the building, when comeamos to complete the initial instructions.

The solues de interaco so important.

As a scientist, cartgrafo, or simply an explorer, there will be a function typical of a man of war, the equivalent of the surveillance, and the struggle for sobrevivncia the face of the act that is violent and hostile to the aliengena. Bringing together the elements of a “shooter” in first person, with the more advanced of a game of role play on the side of the shoe, in this game, if it is entitled to fly as easily in a gnero, or the great rtulos publicitrios, strong on points of interest from the time gold of these games, I’m cientfica. an experience smooth, pleasant, without any times the dead, and in the less challenging than it initially seems.

The equipment is of a nmada

as we gather the questions. H construes mystery at the world, and discover what may cause our curiosity cartgrafo immersed in a territrio inspito. When we returned to Javlin, we have found that it is broken, left over pieces for the fight erupted between lawmakers inside. The indispensvel combustvel for the return trip, we will have to get it somewhere, you still have to collect the pieces.

In the first place, avanamos where there is an opening, jumping, or crouching. The areas are so vast and filled with hits that it can be easy to feel lost. As was to be expected, we have a map before we set aside to remember the hits and high points where you can avanar. This may seem to be complicated at you because every time you lose a life, go back to a point behind. But you will also find the areas that are marked by electrotransportadores, to travel fast at some point.

H a vast fauna and flora of the catalog.

Takes a lot of time at if you get the double jump, which allows you to scroll through the other levels of the vertical. In addition to the possibility of carrying out a scan of the environment, and the functionality is always indispensvel, and is necessary to the progress of the campaign, in addition to the use of the Nomad, is the only combat equipment our arrangement, with a number of features and types of shots.

The Nomad on the right hand, the left one is for the transportation of some of the objects are unique, and here, also, we find a sufficient variety in: the can, the berries of the atraco the aliengenas, and a modifier of the superfcie. Through the use hbil, and clever in these ways we were able to solve most of the puzzles and move through the world at the same time, to overcome some of the most thought-provoking creations. The world is in the us makes it a worthwhile weapon, not the est drawn on for this purpose, but the hours stress the difficulty, which was rampant in some areas, and advocated for the aliengenas mortal, and where it is not easy to lose a life.

The creatures from the other world

Even though the AIR-to-Y26 in parea, simple to a presentation surface, you will soon discover there is a lot to explore, and that is what it looked like shortly after a world-wide, consisting of several “biomes” and the environment. In the drawing, and the work-artistic monument) est marked by the simplicity and awesome, more like an animated feature film by Pixar, at times, rather than a building, designed and detailed. However, it is an art form that is very stylish, with a sense of the us state from the north, and the verosimilhana one of the most.

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Inhabited by a mix of creatures with more-or-less top-down in our presence, and toward the end of the explorer of this planet, a ptima, and well thought-out proposal for the world’s alternative in a lot of the worlds aliengenas. The creatures are very diverse, presenting defenses of, and attacks against various and in the face of a few seconds after the scan we were able to better understand how to with them.

In general, the Journey to The Savage Planet is a good option. it is difficult to inscrev it hits gnero. You may be on the side role play is one that stands out, but in the broad framework of the representatives of the I am cientfica the time gold, you can get the shot, the more suitable. a game is valuable to make a ptima feel the fun and the interaco, along with a ptima feel de explorao. In addition to this, the go on to the irregular, and is left with the immense curiosity that the discovery is carried out in the AIR-to-Y26. Accompanied by a good soundtrack, and a burn a significant given the sheer size of the areas, she met conditions for a production to take account of this we shall in a year.

Prs: Cons:
  • The world aliengena wide with lots of creatures
  • Explorao labirntica, without the support of maps
  • Solues at the level of the conjugao between the gun and the object
  • The soundtrack
  • The argument is interesting, with notes humorsticos
  • There are some bactracking where they die
  • Some of the areas with a low-resoluo, and lower textures
  • The Co-op dispensvel

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