Will PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X reach photorealism?


The photorealism is certainly the objective that every gamer hopes to be able to admire in his favorite stocks. Having a video game with graphics so advanced that it is indistinguishable from reality has remained a chimera for decades, but it is something that we are slowly achieving, thanks to the evolution of technology and hardware / software potential. And if we can combine photorealism with virtual reality, we will have the real future of entertainment in our hands.

If some video games of the current generation of consoles have shown that we are approaching photorealism, such as Death Stranding , The Order 1886 and Red Dead Redemption 2 , in your opinion it is possible that with the next-gen, that is with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X , can this milestone be achieved? According to GamingBolt it is possible, but it will not be a certainty at all.

First, however powerful the hardware of a console, developers will always have to compromise, to balance the graphics power with the complexity of the game in question, interactivity and other factors. Theoretically, first-person graphic adventures and games with very few interactions, such as the phantom “walking simulator”, are the titles that can more easily reach photorealism, given that their relative simplicity allows you to invest all the power available in graphics .

For example, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was one of the first video games to use photogrammetry, a technique that allows you to faithfully digitize real objects and the results are evident in the settings and in the detail of the objects. The same trick was done to render the faces of LA Noire characters and to date they are still considered the most realistic faces ever made. However, the first title was a limited graphic adventure, while the second, although sandbox, did not have the same level of complexity and interaction as a Grand Theft Auto. The aforementioned The Order 1886 , although graphically excellent, was also a short and limited title.

In addition, the 4K factor must also be taken into account: next-gen consoles will be enabled to render games in 4K and (possibly) at 60fps, but this will require much of their power. Just achieving these two goals will determine a limit to the visual complexity that we may have in video games. Hardly the new consoles, whose complete specifications are still a mystery, will be able to simultaneously manage photorealistic textures, an immense mass of polygons and all the gameplay variables of the most complex games, at 4K resolution, 60Fps with ray tracing and HDR.

Of course, we will have in our hands some powerful consoles capable of giving us visibly spectacular gaming experiences, but as far as photorealism is concerned, it is better not to make too many illusions.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will undoubtedly amaze us and we can’t wait to see the first gameplay videos, to finally get the first real taste of next-gen.

What do you think? Do you think “playable” photorealism will be a chimera forever, or is it just a matter of time?