Marvel’s Avengers trophies reveal spoilers


Marvel’s Avengers will only arrive on September 1, but the list of Achievements on Xbox One reveals several details that have not yet been officially revealed by Crystal Dynamics.

The Exophase website managed to obtain the Achievements and reveals some of the bosses you will face and how to collect will be part of the objectives.

Marvel’s Avengers was scheduled for May but has since been postponed until September, which makes the arrival of this list of achievements/trophies even more curious so early.

We will not reveal details of the information contained in the descriptions of the achievements here, if you want, you will have to access the site, as it reveals places that have not yet been presented and, as already mentioned, confirms campaign details, such as bosses.

The postponement of Avengers is highly understandable, especially after the fans’ harsh reactions to the character design, the confusing messages about paid skins and the game structure in terms of the singleplayer campaign and the cooperative element.

However, revelations like Kamala Khan as the main character and the trailer explaining what you do in the game seem to be helping Marvel’s Avengers to generate more positivity among players.