Uncharted Movie will be an origin story


Tom Holland, actor who will give life to Nathan Drake in the adaptation of the series Uncharted for the cinema, explained that the film will get around one of the biggest problems in this type of adaptations when betting on unpublished events.

The film, which is still looking for a director to start production, will not rely on the events seen in the games and will choose to tell a story that you have not yet seen.

The actor talked to IGN, thanks to Collider, about what to expect from the film and how this origin story will be relevant for those who know the series, but also for those who have never played the games.

“I think Uncharted offers what most videogame films don’t, an origin story for games,” said Holland.

“So if you played the games, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the movie. And if you didn’t play the games, you’ll enjoy the movie because it is information that everyone will receive at the same time. But I am highly excited to make this film that is expected. long time.”

As you certainly know, Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4 addressed Nathan Drake’s youth a little, but Holland suggests that you will see new events and an even bigger bet on Drake’s initiation into this world.