A game that should истребительницей Fortnite. Today nobody plays in it, even though they have a Hit


Since then, there is Fortnite on the market there are many products after the full hunter for making Epic Games.

One of the games to conquer the world a Realm Royale was. We all remember how the full madness on the title of the Hi-Rez. Played for every streamer and youtuber in the world, until… paid campaigns Used up.

This story ended as quickly as they flared up. Who remembers today about the Realm of the Royale? Today, almost no one.

Realm Royale fell after a couple of weeks

If Fortnite says it is a dead game, to say what Realm Royale has. In the last 24 hours on the servers more than a thousand people logging on something. The game received an Update, two days ago, so that the developers care for is still the quality of the gameplay.


And in the beginning it really looked a threat for Fortnite. The creators of the Internet Hand-in-Hand rushed to the Realm. Immediately, groups, profiles, Community. All of this worked a total of a few days. The game was not a huge error, not skopanej optimization, or hopeless Gameplay. Just a product of Hi-Rez couldn’t keep up with Epic Games.

Today, hardly anyone remembers the issue. On the servers about a thousand people per day with a tendency to decrease. Probably the track will be closed after some time, although what might be waiting for their second Chance.