Antonella Fiordelisi Instagram, proud, and proudly shows off her curves and flat stomach

Provocative curves, view, Panther, and security for jealousy, we’re talking about beautiful Antonella Fiordelisi. We met through his participation in various programs Mediaset and then fell in love with her from your profile in Instagram. His beauty and his stubbornness has made it one of the largest producers of more follow and you appreciate the last period. Antonella, you can always be the center of gossip, last summer he was forced to talk about his anxieties Francesco Chiofalo. Put the horns, and that with a little effort, in the end, he was able to forgive. Story with a happy ending, but that still has some wounds to heal.

antonella fiordelisi instagram

Antonella Fiordelisi and his physical fear

In these last hours Antonella Fiordelisi left everyone with bated breath, thanks to his Instagram history. Beautiful, striking sent to come to the fore, when you notice her generous chest, and after a series of videos while you exercise. Leggings are form-fitting and a red top. It’s just a charm. Many, however, noticed how lean and in response comes another film boiling. Signature “When I say that I’m too skinny” and Antonella part with some mini-parades, the class body. Close-up of her ass, round and to work, and then everything else. Beautiful, without discussion.

antonella fiordelisi instagram


And also to be beautiful is an example for many women because being proud of your body. No matter who judges it “too much” you like her, and still will be as he wants. Keeps us, of course, to determine what he eats, and that the physical is a little metabolism and little exercise. In General, his movies make a lot of envy. Blessed are you who has such physical. In his the last story however, it turns out, is a mockery. In striking publishes photos from last year, I write “Five pounds I lost will be the horns, because I eat, I eat.” So, everything is fine between the two, but some wounds don’t heal in one day.