Business Lesson From Nintendo’s Success With Pokemon Go


Whether you love to play games or not, the phenomenon that has become Pokémon Go definitely provides lessons for individuals’ and businesses’ decisions today.

Nintendo, the franchise owner of the “Pokémon” brand, had its value in the stock market skyrocket just a few days after the launch of “Pokémon Go”.  This development is worth learning from.

Yes, it is worth learning from because prior to the launch of this now popular mobile game, Nintendo had struggled for many years to compete successfully with other gaming giants like SONY and Microsoft makers of Play Station 4 and Xbox consoles respectively.

However, after the success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo once again became one of the most talked about brands for good reasons. Thus, here a quick business lesson from Nintendo’s success with Pokémon Go:

Adaptations to New Technologies and Innovation can lead to success

Over the years, Nintendo remained in the game console business without considering evolvement into the mobile technology. It only decided to venture into mobile gaming in 2015, and this shift has resulted in the development of Pokémon Go.

The gains from this have far exceeded its expectation in the market. In addition to venturing into mobile gaming, it took a risk by investing and joining force with Niantic to develop a game based on “augmented reality”. This is a shift from the “virtual reality” games they are known for years.

Users are now able to picture things in virtual reality and are better able to enjoy the gaming experience.

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Adaptations to mobile technology and augmented reality have breathed a new life into how consumers see Nintendo, and these contributed immensely for its success with Pokémon Go.

Businesses and even individuals can emulate this move, and adapt to innovations. Embracing new technologies means that the business is complying with needs of the masses. This readily helps brings about better rewards for them.

So, whether it is selling pictures or playing games, there’s a lot to learn from the success of Pokemon Go, for businesses and individuals alike.