Carlotta Lambrequin kissing daughter in Instagram and touches


Carlotta Mantua kisses daughter Star on Instagram and touches it. The journalist and the widow Fabrizio Frizzi has eyes only for his children, born from love, to famous conductor. Six years, and most sweet daughter de have R very similar to my mom, and she felt as his dad.

It was 2002 when Lambrequin and Anecdotes first met backstage Miss Italy. Relations have cooled, despite the difference in age and became great love. Then the birth of a Star, in may 2013, and the wedding is a year away. It was in October 2017, when Fabrizio was hospitalized during cerebral ischemia occurred during the recording of a new episode of the de Inheritance.

Then go back to the TV from the embrace of friends, Carlo Conti and Antonella Clerici, smile and desire to do it. In one of his last interviews, released in February 2018, Jokes he admitted it was better but still fight for love daughter of the Stars. In the near future to worsen his condition, he forced immediate hospitalization in the hospital of Sant’andrea in Rome, where he died on March 26.

Carlotta Mantua he faced with great strength and dignity, drama the death of Fabriziochoosing to live his pain in the most strict secret, but not forgetting the many colleagues, friends and fans who have always loved Jokes. After the disappearance of the conductor, the journalist focused on him daughter of the Starsreconstruction step by step, its existence. The love of horses and nature that helped him overcome the suffering and return to smile.

“My life is a Star introduced some time ago, for a week Today -. Everything else is important, it helps me. But my daughter is my daughter, ( … ), I have a strong maternal instinct, and I will do my best to be a good mother. My parents come each time from Mestre to find and give me a hand. When I raise the flag, and I ask for help, they have”.

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Carlotta Lambrequin – Source: Instagram