Coronavirus, football Novara Sbraga praises Mussolini on Instagram. Debate in city Council


NOVARA. Words of admiration towards Mussolini in a post on Instagram of the player Novara Football, defender Andrew Sbraga. Announced the municipal Councilor from the democratic party Will be Paladins at the closing session of the city Council (Thursday, November 27), which has long been discussed, the President of police of Piedmont, North Louis song, relics, Mussolini Messi to furnish your office institutional and of his statements, the cable Nazi.

Paladins did not specify the name of the player the author of the post, but I did for top managers content (which was later deleted). Text excerpt the intervention of Mussolini in 1927 on the occasion of the appointment of Galeazzo Ciano as the Ambassador in Shanghai. Says “Attention to yellow peril” and argues that the Chinese expansion to intervene in the world “with their huge prolific with their products in low price and epidemics, which are grown in them.” Then he says: “the More testing and more understand what this man was Mussolini, a great politician and a visionary politician”. Questions that fit within the current discussions about the spread of the coronavirus.
The paladin called for the post of President of the city Council to “urgently verify” the content of the post: “If it turns out – he added, – I would ask the mayor to intervene on the President Novara Football in order to take action against this player, is that the mesh on the door of the pennant Shared Novara”.

The post appeared on the Instagram profile page for football player in Biysk

The first reaction to occur also from the company sports: Novara calcio to recall their players for the conscious use of the media, respect for the history of the football companies. Among historians of the coaches of the team, in fact, in the season of ’34-’35, was Arpad Weisz, a Hungarian methods are among the most famous of the era, forced to leave Italy after the adoption of the racial laws, and then deported to the death camp at Auschwitz with his family, where he died.

On this issue were also made by the adviser for Sports of the city Administration of Novara, clean Sea, speaking in a post on Facebook the question”, in my opinion, instrumental raised”: “What was published from a guy, of course, a joke, interpreted also in the opposite direction, turning a few days, however, complete. Hands up who has never, and receipt or replaced, along with a few others that relate to politicians of all stripes, and the words they uttered in this situation. I think that is doubtful reactions, especially those who are immersed in a personal insult, Internet access, in the face of irony, however, is the physiological social”. C. B.