Delivery from Amazon is a new tactic in Fortnite that will pleasantly surprise you


12 season brought new objects and C4. Effect? New, interesting tactics.

This season, in the opinion of many people, is the best for months. Thinks so, by the way, a Ninja who even fought with your audience.

New items, new possibilities. It shows thesquatingdog, the detachment decided to re – boxes.

Tactics at Amazon

Streamer thought out together with colleagues a new tactic. On the input boxes C4 attached. The allies smashing blow on the recovered plates of the ankle joint and streamer loads. How it looks in practice?


Streamer joked that this tactic is Amazon Prime, which means a quick delivery. So there is something. The opponent probably knew what was actually happening until I saw replays.

Update 12.10 in the Tests

A few minutes ago API Fortnite zaktualizowało Version 12.10. This means that there will be no content Updates, but full new Patch must week to the next. Most likely it will be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.