Everything you need to know about helicopters in Fortnite


Almost every season, Fortnite, we have a new car. How is it this time?

The helicopter in Fortnite, it was a long time, practically since the disappearance of the aircraft, there are a variety of offers.

Now everything points to the fact that actually in the game, helicopters may occur.

Helicopter in Fortnite

The first mention of helicopters to the role 12 of the season. We have shown, in a total of two scenes, where the machines appear in the sky.

On one of the harbingers of the season, we had the runway. For games in General, you have something that seems to be also confirmed that the helicopter will be introduced at some point.

Ultimately, leakerzy reports about the sounds that are used, the effect of the rotor. And although, like most, can that noise, then he appeared already in the files in the Update 9.20. It is possible that Epic have used it again and again, but we must remember that he is quite old. May 9 in connection with Strangers, or strange sounds, just in the season.


An air ship would be the code name helicopter. However, it is not known if Epic decide to add it and whether at all. It seems, however, this is not surprising.