How does the new Mine, which will soon Fortnite added?


Trailer 12 season, we saw the mines, probably by the new item, as we will see next week in the game.

Prior to the 11 season in Fortnite, in General, we had an Update per week. It was once a huge Patch with new items, cosmetics, possibilities and techniques. Next week, the players were excited about the update of content that was accepted, in General, a new topic.

The new Mine in Fortnite

Maybe Epic wants to go back to this scheme, because in the role 12 of the season we saw the emergence and functioning of the new minutes, the English as a “Proximity Mine”.

You can have up to 6 pieces in a “стэке”. Your description is very simple and understandable.

Mines that explode when an enemy approaches.

Action min and her appearance, we saw on the Video 12 season.

Mines are a week into the game will probably be next. Although, of course, it has not been confirmed, that is already in the files just waiting to activate it.