How Fortnite players will have their invoices lost by changing the resolution?


In the season 12 Fortnite, it was possible to change the screen resolution on those that see it a little more.

Changing the resolution always gives great emotions. It was once common, today, somewhat indirectly, of power. In season 12, it was possible to change it by combining it a little with the files.

Although they are not an official statement from Epic Games in this business, along with a Mini-Patch, no changes rozdziałki.

As a player, your accounts are lost because of this?

After the removal of the possibility of changing the resolution, on the Internet a topic is table program, the change had to files, so still the possibility of a different, higher resolution. As it turned out, however, that the program is doing nothing, except collecting all the possible passwords on the computers of the players.

As a result, many people in the night to inform you that you lost access to your account. Some have changed names, first names or nicknames. On their accounts it is obvious who that was and tried the.

We left behind two people who have married, a sad program. Remember to install anything on their computers and not to change the faith in any of these programs to the resolution. Works on a similar principle as the generators V-Bucks – simply do not exist.

It is not known how many people you could fool. Probably there are several thousand, although the exact number is confirmed. We recommend the confirmation in two steps, to protect themselves in such a Situation.