How many levels need to unlock Fortnite all the Golden styles for Skins?


12 season in Fortnite will be with us under the sign of the Golden color.

12 season, of course, is not a surprise to the players, which is expected to add to the back of the new mechanic. Of course, the game also includes further options, in particular, Gold-styles.

In this case, is the most important thing, however, is level. The players have already noted the stage at which the Skins cover all of the Gold.

What are the levels of needs?

As reported by one of the leakerów, about Fortnite is very much time to spend. On Gold bananka,… up to 300 Levels.

These figures certainly can frighten you. Only few people reached this level, this season. Epic probably seemed, realized that the community is in need of additional incentives for the heading levels.