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Lisa Casali

Top Green, Striking in 2019, is the risk of contamination and a kitchen stable. Is an Ambassador for the world wildlife Fund to power the eco and Ambassador of the Msc (Marine Stewardship Council) for sustainable fisheries. Its purpose is to help reduce waste, ranging from food products. Her profile in Instagram are rich in interesting ideas in everyday life (Instagram).

Camilla Mendini

Last year he received a special award for life in the Italian Top Green Influencer. Camilla, or as it is called online Carotilla, is a designer of 2015 has been through their Youtube channels and Instagram than sustainable fashion, for launch in 2018 fashion brand (echo) Love. (Instagram)

Mikol ' Elmi

“Zerowaste journey” reading and the Instagram profile of Mikol’, a young mother who tells about the daily life for help. For several years not buying more, that would not plastic as you have an alternative, environment, and cleaning products (making the house), degreasers, napkins for removing make-up and much more. His adventure green, it started when mom was 5 years ago, after you noticed the amount of trash that you create from the cradle. New awareness and desire to change, with a small but important choice in the life of an ordinary family. How to buy toys and clothes second hand that says with the hashtag #chiccausata. (Instagram)

BEA Johnson

Mother zero waste movement lifestyle, as it was called CNN, Bbc, author the bestseller Zero Waste Hometranslated into 27 languages. Since 2008, his family does not produce waste. Shares on his profile, tips, useful antispreco. (Instragram)

Jennifer Nini

His real history. Jennifer uses it to talk about the environment at 360°, but mainly in the field of beauty, fashion and health. He certified organic farms. (Instagram)

Julia Tibaldi and Jordan Garosio

On Instagram known as giuliegiordi and their profile talks about the life of his family, photos taken by mom and dad as photographers. Nature lovers who live in eco, even while traveling, adventure van. (Instagram)

Andrea Marie Sanders

Does mindfullness and life without loss. Talks about how to improve the quality of your life, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Also a TEDx speaker. (Instagram)

Luke Talotta

Journalist, awarded as Top Green, Striking in 2019, is mobility with low impact on the environment and automotive. Through its social tells their impressions of various electrical machines. (Instagram)