Izak, honest, painful does not explain why plays in Fortnite


Fortnite is a little worse. Many youtuberów, or streamerów moved on to other games. Why?

The current season in Fortnite takes incredibly long. In General, this is two full season, and the third part. The player to feel some fatigue, and it is hard for them to be surprised. Relatively little changes, translated in the absence of the fresh, the strongest party Fortnite through these couple of months.

Among the people who were hidden Fortnite also Izak, the well-known Twitch Streamer.

Izak about not playing why in Fortnite

Izak during one of his video stream answered to Fortnite questions. Brought the camera and announced an important message.

And this is perhaps the most commonly injected reason. Not only the players, but also developers of materials, many simply do not want to. It seems that at some point there is a small glut of films, video streams, and the people are focusing now mainly on the game.

We also hear a lot about the transmission on the salvation of the world. After all, many people powbijane have maximum values pass, fighting and until the end of the season still more than 20 days. To do something in this time, and RS one of the most interesting offerings is currently, when it comes to fun in the world of Fortnite.